So how did it all start? Probably with the fact that cashmere scarves and stoles have been our passion for many years.

A scarf is so much more than just a common accessory. It´s a poem, or, to be more accurate, a short but beautiful haiku, image, style, mood for the day, the final, perfectly planted accent in the whole outfit. You can never have too many scarves and there´s a special occasion for every single one of them.

Macte is a new project, a result of years upon years of experiments and considerations. We evolve and strive for perfection since Macte in Latin stands for glorious, amazing.
We create wonderful accessories that will serve you for many years from high- quality materials: cashmere, baby cashmere, and silk.
Different knits and combinations of fibers: summer pashmina, water pashmina, classical, prints and color schemes, as well as myriads of ways to tie a scarf…. All this creates endless opportunities for the variety in our exclusive collections of cashmere accessories for men and women.

A small team of enthusiasts led by a professional designer, we fell in love with cashmere, as well as with the small, beautiful country, Nepal, where we produce our scarves.
Weaving in Nepal has a history that spans for centuries. We took our time searching and selecting reliable partners, visiting every production facility personally and we now work with family- owned factories that produce cashmere garments following the traditions of the craft.
Thus, when purchasing a cashmere scarf, our client can be certain of the following:

  • child labour was not used during the production of our items
  • all production is legal
  • professionals in their field are guaranteed jobs partially due to the production of our items

We love what we do with our whole heart and hope that with every scarf there will be a little more beauty and goodness in the world since we also support charity projects.

Macte is Latin for magnificent, gorgeous and our aim truly is to create magnificent accessories that would serve their owners for years.

Founder Anna Orlova

Our founding

Macte is a new brand which was founded in 2016.  Our brand Macte, which in Latin stands for glorious, was founded by a professional designer (Master of Arts in Fashion Design) Anna Orlova in a collaboration with a small team of enthusiasts.  Anna has been in the clothing industry for the last twenty years. Throughout this time she has worked with a multitude of different types of clothing, especially knitwear. Gradually, she became more and more interested in accessories and eventually decided to direct her attention towards contemporary scarves and shawls. 


In – depth research of weaving traditions in different cultures took us to Nepal with its ancient traditions of quality and skill and made us think that it would be a perfect place to produce our garments. Every factory that we have placed orders with has been visited personally to ensure ethical production. All of them are small companies, more often than not family businesses with lots of relatives employed side by side. The production is environmentally friendly and only adult, experienced workers are involved. When purchasing our products, our clients can be sure that all of them have been produced ethically. Many garments are woven by hand using ancient techniques. All designs are strictly exclusive and property of Macte TM.


Currently we only use cashmere, pure baby cashmere, and various blends of cashmere and silk. Cashmere first attracted our attention due to its fantastic properties. It is an extremely light and warm material which won´t let you freeze, all while remaining fresh and pleasant to the touch. Silk is definitely a perfect match for cashmere and only emphasizes the qualities cashmere possesses by itself.


We believe that it is really important for a business to approach its customers face - first. It would be impossible to produce clothing in Nepal while turning a blind eye to those in need of help and support. Approximately ten percent of our sales will be given to Nepalese charities. We will share more information on the topic on our website and via social media.

Our journey has only just begun but we are ready to grow and evolve, eyes open for the future.
We dream of perfection.
Founder Anna Orlova
Anna Orlova
Founder at Macte